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December 2016

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I am sorry to be so late telling you about this - but I am having a sale! Deep discounts on all of my older stock. The biggest change I have made in my work over the last few years is making it all three dimensional - but I still have older flat stock that I am selling at deep discounts!

2015/2016 has been an incredible time of growth for me. After coming back from walking the Camino in October of 2015, I have basically been working non-stop!

I was beginning to wonder where I was going to take my enameling practice - since leaving the show circuit - I was really very confused about how to move forward. Everyone suggested various wholesale outlets - but frankly I was not interested. For me being an artist was never a way to make money (good thing too! (-;) but a vocation. Sitting alone in my studio and shipping work out to be sold by someone else was never my dream. For me - meeting and talking to you all was the thing that inspired and sustained me. It gave me the sense that my work had meaning.

I walked the Camino with the intention of re-discovering my vocation in this new world of Internet, Social Media and recession. A world that is much harder for an artist to sustain life in! When I returned - I didn't have any easy answers - but I had renewed my commitment to focus on making my work meaningful rather than sale-able. Not that I don't think art can be both! I just knew where my focus should be. I knew I needed a new direction, but I didn't know yet what that direction would be (The picture is my arrival in Logrono)


I also had to move my studio! Mirvish Village (which is a very old arts area of Toronto, had been sold to a developer, and everyone had to move out.

I was worried. My rent in Mirvish Village was well below market rates - and I didn't know if I could afford the other options that would be available - or I thought I might have to move way out of town! There are a few arts oriented buildings and neighbourhoods - but they have gatekeepers (people who decide who is worthy of the space) and I have been on waiting lists for those places for over 15 years.
Imagine my surprise when I found an amazing place on the third try! It's in an old clock factory, it's twicve the size of my old space and there are 14 other artists in my area of the building, who are incredibly nice and will likely be very inspiring!. The move has been stressful - but I feel really good about the new space.
Above is the workshop half (shelves still waiting to be filled... and below is the enamel supply half
Change can be a good thing!


all very much! I loved my life on the road - but there are advantages in everything and I also love my life here in Toronto. I am singing a wider variety of music (some with Georgians!) and I am still with the improvisational Element Choir - and we have been singing with Tanya Tagaq(you can just see me in the back row with the choir!) which is an opportunity I would never have had on the road (we are also on her new album "Retribution"). I have a new artistic community in my new space - and a larger supportive musical community! I have much to be grateful for!
Georgian singing workshop - lots of great singing and eating and drinking!

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